For personal and business development

This is highly motivational training designed to encourage people towards better public, corporate and media presentation.  It will help in enhancing management and leadership skills leading to a greater personal presence in corporate business affairs and in the commercial marketplace as a whole.  Additionally in the training mix is tailored advice so that the skills acquired can be directed along the right paths for optimum effectiveness.  How to be prepared for media appearances is also an available feature of the training.

The Expertise

Video Shoot Productions has been a sought-after production company for many years working in national and international television along with award-winning corporate video. Managing Director Hanif Khan has filmed everything from major political events to travel features.  Most recently Video Shoot Productions flew to Ghana where Hanif delivered focused presentation training to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.  Presenters were sharpened and new techniques were adopted for more effective news programme making.

Geoff Motley, Senior Partner of GMA has presented his own radio shows, and satellite television features along with appearances on Italian TV.  He is a sought-after media trainer having coached presenters from many different countries.  Geoff is also a scriptwriter and promotions consultant.  Voice training is also in mix based upon his versatile work as a voice-over artiste.


Who Will Benefit?

Company personnel who need to sharpen their personal communication techniques as part of their management and leadership development. Others who will benefit are executives selected for live event hosting and in-house webcasts and those who might be thrust into the media spotlight

Students keen to make effective presentations of their research and academic work will deliver their work and ambitions with a stronger, more convincing attitude.  The training benefits extend to people who want to discover more about themselves and who feel it is time to add new, effective presentation and communication skills to their personal career portfolios.  The training will enable them to be more inspirational as communicators.

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